First 3D Printer

So I bought a 3D printer kit from Specially I got the MakerFarm 8″ i3v Prusa Kit.

Started the assembly following the provided online instructions and it three days I had the printer completely assembled.

3D Printer Parts 3D Printer PartsAssembly IMG_0371

Before your first print, there is your first extrusion.  So exciting!

First Extrusion

Then after running some test code to make sure it doesn’t blow itself up, it is time to do the first print. I decided to do a 24mm cube.

First Print

Not to bad for the first print.

IMG_0382 IMG_0383 IMG_0381

Time to start printing some of it’s own replacement parts.

Printing Replacement Gears IMG_0390

This was my first printer and over all my first experience has been great. I would defiantly recommend the MakerFarm Kits.